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Why share a space?

The cost of housing is a big chunck of your income. What if we could cut your housing cost almost in half? By sharing a space you are providing a little extra income, some companionship, and perhaps some help around the house to someone who really needs it.  Also, by using our existing stock of homes more efficiently by sharing space, you are helping decrease the need to build new homes, thus helping the environment.  We figure if we can help you save $400-$600 a month on housing and add $400-$500 a month in income to someone who needs it while at the same time serving each other, strenghening human connections and saving the environment it would be a win-win-win-win-win.

Keen makes it easy – Keen has each host and guest go through our 10 point verification process including a free credit and background check. These verification and the online profile give you the tools to decide who will be the best fit for you. Keen helps with the contract, collects payments, and coaches on best practices to make this a great experience for both the host and the guest. As the guest you pay a 1 time matching fee of $100 once you have found a situation that is right for you. After that you pay the monthly payment to the host.  That is it, much less expensive then renting an apartment.

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Fill out this quick form to get started. This gives us a little information about you and helps us know how best to serve you. Once we receive the form we will contact you to answer any questions you have, and start showing your profile to Hosts as well as sending you informaiton on potential hosts that match what you are looking for. . If you have any questions, feel free to fill out our contact form or email us directly.

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